The Kelty Collieries

The village of Kelty is located in Central Fife in an area, which was once a rich coalfield. Kelty once had a reputed 14 pits in its locality. It is then particularly fitting that the Scottish Coal Carrying Championships are now held in such surroundings.

Coal Race Roots

Recent research has found that there are many stories that the local Kelty colliers in the late 1800′s ran home from the pits with either bags of “rakers” or “clugs” in their bags. This substantiates the roots of Coal Carrying in the area with Kelty now being the home of this rather unique event.

The Coal Race Today

The concept of today’s Scottish Coal Race originated from a chance glance at a supplement in the “News of the World” newspaper which highlighted the wackiest events in the UK. One of these such events was the World Coal Race which was to be held the following day in Yorkshire. Michael and Janice Boyle (from Kelty) took the trip the following day to see this unique event and reckoned it was an event that suited their home village of Kelty to a T !

The Scottish Coal Carrying Championships will be held on Saturday 22 August 2015 commencing 12 noon.

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